New Orleans is a fantastic place for exposure to culture, food, and art!  Spending the first 17 years of my life in New Orleans influenced me in far reaching ways.  Not only do I have an eternal fondness for spicy food, but I also developed a passion for making art.

During the junior year of my accounting degree I saw glassblowing for the first time.  I was instantly addicted. I would spend large chunks of my free time in the glass studio, learning everything I could about the craft.  Upon completing my accounting degree I returned to begin a BFA in art with a concentration in glass.

With only a couple of classes shy of completing my BFA, I felt called to ministry and went on to earn my Master's of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School.  While working on my Master's I served as the lead cold-work technician for Bear Creek Glass Studios, where I was also able to continue the craft of blowing glass.

I still live in Birmingham with my wife Heather and our two sons. My passion for art and glass have led to the creation of Alabama Hot Glass.  I enjoy making beautiful and meaningful work that draws the viewer in.  I hope you find some images on this site that inspire you.