Beeson Divinity School is where I called home from 2006 until my graduation in 2009.  My Masters of Divinity training there was wonderful.  I met many friends who taught me so much, and who will be with me to the end.  There was so much I was unaware of when I began seminary.  The training at Beeson opened my eyes to the beauty of Church history, liturgy, and revealed how seldom I submitted to Scripture.  Beeson is an interdenominational school, which helped me grasp what it looks like to have unity among believers.

My apartment consisted entirely of Beeson students, so needless to say there were some great "conversations" over the years.  There was a Southern Baptist, a Charismatic Nondenominational, a Charismatic Anglican, and a Presbyterian (PCA) all under the same roof.  HA!  I wouldn't of had it any other way.  I learned so much from these men.  We worshiped passionately next to one another, while still being able to disagree on secondary issues.

I left Beeson with a higher view of Scripture, a deeper appreciation for Church history, and wider fellowship table with brothers in various denominations.  I cannot imagine what ministry would look like without the equipping I received from Beeson.

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