Jesus Wept. Why, again?

"Jesus wept" is a well known one liner from the Gospel of John, but why does he cry?  I grew up with one view, but I've changed it recently as I've looked at the full context of the Gospel.  Please think with me through this blog post, and let me know if you see anything that would strengthen my position, or if I've missed anything of importance.  Thanks!

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What vision of the good life do you have?  In John chapter 3 we meet a man named Nicodemus.  Just like us, he's been handed a way to see the world.  Jesus' interaction with him begins to change his "kingdom" lens to see the true Kingdom of God.

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Why Ruth was not a hoochie mama

I was in staff meeting when I mentioned the college group would be going through the book of Ruth in Sunday School.  The news received mixed results, with one person even saying, "Ohh...steamy."  I have found many who believe Ruth was having premarital sex with Boaz on the threshing floor that faithful night.  Is that the best reading of the text?  This post hopes to explore an alternative view.

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